Every Service in kona Includes Full day Amenities

unlike any other spa in Hawaii... we distill our own essential oils in our solar powered laboratory... your therapists are resort & medical trained... And that’s just the beginning...

From Ancient organic Hawaiian Forests, Farms & Waterfalls… To our Distilleries, Apothecaries & Spas… Explore with us on our Hawaiian Journey of 100% Pure & Authentic Botanicals
Go to Award Winning Spas In Lahaina & Kona

Award Winning Spas In Lahaina & Kona

Experience the most Luxurious Spa Treatment in Hawaii with Manini-Lava Stones, Heated Sea Salt Therapy, Steam Towels, Hydrosol Mist & Organic Oil infused with Local Botanicals in Every Spa Treatment

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Farms We Support

Lelle Vie is Dedicated to the Renaissance of Old World Natural Living. We Support Sustainable Agriculture & Education in the Hawaiian Islands by Sourcing our Ingredients Directly from Farmers that Grow them Locally as Well as World Wide.

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Once hand harvested Our Exotic Botanicals are Extracted with Heirloom Pure Methodology of Copper Alembic, Glass, Ceramic, Stainless Distillation, & Enfleurage.

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Apothecaries & Perfumery

In our Retail Apothecaries you will find our finished products that are hand bottled in violet Miron glass and elegant Haloa Koa wood. Reserve a Perfume Blending Experience and Create your own Perfume. In addition to our products you will find a wide variety of Artisan creations, and farm edibles.

Lahaina's #1 Day Spa 3 Years in a Row!

We plant a royal Hawaiian sandalwood tree for every service we give

100% Authentic Hawaiian & Exotic Botanicals
The only Spa in Hawaii with a Private Reserve Essential Oil Distillery

Lelle Travels the Hawaiian Islands directly sourcing botanicals to create spa products without chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

  • This means that every purchase directly supports Hawaiian Farmers. We Do Not Greenwash or add syntehtic fragrance to our products.

  • By creating our own products this allows us to provide you the most pure and authentic spa treatment in the islands. If a botanical is unavailable locally we provide you with the origin, and source of distillation. We are commited to small batch pure production.

  • In less than three years our spa has climbed the charts through word of mouth as Lahaina's #1 Spa Experience. We achieved this through our level of dedication and synergy from highly trained staff delivering luxurious massage, facials, body treatments, accupuncture, and wellness treatments that are unavailable at any other spa.

  • “I have learned that to be a woman, I don’t have to “have it all”. Rather success is finding the issues in (my) life that I am most passionate about- choosing my own path, with the right guidance-and living that passion to the fullest, and true success comes by sharing that passion with those I love in passing it on.“~ Pamela Lelle 2009. We Give back to our community locally by supporting the reforestation efforts of the Hawaiian Sandalwood Forest, and through botanical, and extration education in our community as well as various donations & events both privately and publicly throught the year. If you have a cause you feel is worthy of our support, please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy a full day of wellness in kona

Every guest at Kona Apothecary Spa receives a complimentary day pass to The Club Kona Fitness & Amenities

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Mahalo for making us downtown Lahaina's #1 Top Rated Day Spa 3 years in a row!

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